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Lion’s Mane mushroom box


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We are so proud to make available the Lion’s Mane mushroom to the local community of The Blue Mountains. It’s one of the mushrooms that local chefs adore due to its versatility in the kitchen.


With a cauliflower-like look, Lion’s Mane seems very different from other mushrooms. It can taste very like meat, which makes a great option for people looking for meat alternative dishes.

When cooked, it’s juicy, delicate, tender, and meaty. It has a soft texture along with a slightly sweet flavour that evokes chicken or even shellfish such as scallops, crab, or lobster.


This is such a special gourmet mushroom but it is also considered one of the most complex functional mushroom because of its unique medicinal properties.


Numerous healthy compounds can be found in lion’s mane mushrooms. According to research, these substances may support the gut, heart, and stimulate the immune system, help the growth of new brain cells, as well as alleviate depression and anxiety.

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