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Oyster mushroom box

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Oyster mushrooms are our most popular mushrooms. They have a subtle earthy/nutty/anise flavor.


They can be cooked in different ways: stews and stir fries, added to soups, or just sautéed in a pan with garlic and parsley.


We grow usually 3 different strains of Oyster mushrooms each season.

Autmun & Winter : Elm Osyter, Blue Oyster, Black King Pearl Oyster

Spring & Summer : Yellow Oyster, Pink Oyster, Tan Oyster and Giant Pearl Oyster


Oyster mushrooms provide many health benefits such as better support of the immune system, lowering high blood pressure, regulating cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-cancer properties, protecting the heart against cardiovascular disease and defending against neurodegenerative diseases.

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