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Originally from France and with a background in creative arts, Alex moved to Australia with his partner two years ago in an act of eschewing the stresses of life he experienced living in cities. 

Alex credits his interest in mushrooms to a broader curiosity about growing food after city life left him feeling disconnected from these processes. One day he finally had his own garden to experiment with and this is where he started to learn. Naturally he came across permaculture practices and couldn’t stop until he had learned about how everything is intertwined and works together.

From permaculture to mushroom farming was just the next intuitive step in his journey. Alex just followed his instinct and went deep-diving into it.


Alexandre Felix

EarthRising's Farmer

About the company

Alex started EarthRising in 2023 with his business partner Naji Nader.

EarthRising provides gourmet mushrooms to most of the premium food businesses in the area including Arrana, Darley’s, Lot 101Blaq, Atès, Black Cockatoo Bakery and BM Food Coop.

We are interested into all the possibilities that mushrooms offer. We plan to work on different fronts such as medicinal product and object design in mycelium.