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mushroom trophee
how we work

Our Values

Working locally allows us to produce the freshest mushrooms for the local community of the Blue Mountains.

It’s important to know that 76% of mushroom cultivation worldwide is in Asia. Therefore mushroom production travels long distances that affects the quality of the final product.

Our cultivation practice use very low energy, we run our farm on solar panel and out production is totally spray free of chemicals.

We grow in a climate controlled environment, that’s how we can optimise the energy consumption and grow all year around.

We are operating a Low-tech mushroom farm. One of the main problems of mushroom farming today is the big energy input. Farms use a lot of energy by using a high consuming process to pasteurize/sterilize the substrate, but also with all the machinery and automation they use to cultivate mushrooms.

We replace machines with people, and use a low energy consumption process to cultivate our mushrooms.

We work on a circular economy principle. The circular economy consists of producing in a sustainable way by limiting the consumption and waste of resources.

The substrate we use for our mushroom is made from recycled hardwood sawdust collected at the woodworkshop across our farm. Once the harvest is done we recycle the fruiting block into high nutritious compost for local gardeners and landscapers.