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We grow our mushrooms using climate-controlled shipping containers. We have a full control on the mushroom environment such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2, and oxygen. Our mushroom grow chambers mimic the forest floor so we can grow happy and delicious mushrooms.

We grow our mushrooms off of substrate mainly composed of sawdust, seedhulls and grains

We grow our mushrooms on organic oats seeds for the grain spawn, and our production is 100% spray-free of chemicals.

Our packaging is made of entirely compostable material. We use paper bags and punnets, and a plant-based ink for our stamps.

Every month we organise a Block-Pickup day at our farm in Lawson, you can find out more if you follow us on instagram. 

The rest of our spent blocks get composted by local partners.


If you have never fruited a Gourmet or Medicinal mushroom before we recommend starting with a Ready to Fruit mushroom kit.

The best mushroom kits to start with are any of the oyster varieties as they provide a quick and satisfying harvest with pleasing yields.

Every mushroom type grows at a different rate, (even between each of the oysters), Eg Lions Mane provides a good harvest, however, grows slower.

Head over to our Grow kit page to browse the variety of mushrooms we provide 

Once a month we organise workshop to teach people how to grow mushroom at home.

Also, you can contact us to visit and say hello at the farm, or be a volunteer from time to time.

We are always happy to share knowledge and spread the word for more mushroom in the world !

Oyster mushrooms.

They are the easiest and most satisfying to grow. They grow in clusters, are quite meaty, and can grow quite large depending on the environment although taste better at a mid-size.

The easiest way to grow them is with a ready to fruit mushroom kit. An oyster mushroom kit can have between 4-8 harvests each block, yielding from 300-700 grams per harvest. The first harvests yielding the most and then less each time as the mushrooms break down the block (which is its food source).

A mushroom kit is a mushroom kit that is ready to fruit. All of the hard work of mixing the spawn and substrate, cooking, and incubating has been done. All you need to do is cut a hole in the box, slice an X in the bag, and mist daily 2-3 times watching your mushrooms grow.

As we are a small team, please allow 2-3 weeks (upon placing your order) for your order to ship.

Our blocks are safe to travel, however, if you will not be home to receive your kit, make sure it does not sit outside in extremely hot or cold temperatures. The kit should be opened right away, or placed in the fridge for up to three weeks.


Because our mushroom don’t grow on dirt, but on sterile substrate, you don’t need to wash them before cooking.

If you are not ready to fruit or use your spawn please put the bag(s) in a clean cold fridge (1-5 degrees) until you are ready. Most species are fine for 1-2 months. This will put the mushrooms to sleep.

If you have purchased your mushroom kit or spawn as a gift. Keep it in the fridge until you are ready to give.

We ship within Australia country only.

We don’t ship grow kits in TAS and WA.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have at [email protected]. As this is an agricultural product, and mushrooms are very sensitive to their environment, we cannot guarantee 100% mushroom yield.

Liquid culture syringes are used for methods like the PF Tek, making grain in jars with filter lids, or using injection port bags.

These are methods where you don’t have a flow hood or a glove box so you have your culture in a syringe protected from the outside environment.

Mushroom Spawn is the prepared mushroom culture that needs to be mixed with a substrate and other materials to fruit.

Most of our products have 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee.
For more informations please check our Returns & Refunds Policy page