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Grow kit instructions

Open your bag

Slice a 10 cm gash on the side of the bag.

Wrap excess plastic tightly around the top of the block and tuck under.

DO NOT unwrap the bag. The block will dry out and you will have a reduced yield.

The mushrooms will grow out of this gash. There may be additional mushrooms starting to grow under the plastic, let these die so the block fruits into one large cluster.

Spray your bag

Spray with water 3-7 times a day.

Mushrooms require some light, but not direct sunlight.

A kitchen counter or bathroom offers the perfect amount of light.


Mushrooms will begin to emerge in about 3-5 days and double in size daily.

Mushrooms will be ready to harvest in approximately 7-10 days.


Mushrooms are ready to harvest when edges begin to uncurl and caps lighten in color.

Use your hands to pull the entire clump off the grow block one at a time.

Extra flushes

Let the block rest for 1 week.

Do not unwrap the block during this time Soak in water for 6 hours and then repeat the process.

New growth typically appears around the edges of the old growth.

Expect a total of 2 - 3 flushes, each flush being smaller.


When you finish fruiting your block, it can go into your compost pile.

You can mix it into your existing compost or use it as a mulch on veggie beds or at the bottom of trees.