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Become a mushroom grower.

Join Alex – our farmer – for an illuminating workshop where you’ll learn how to cultivate Oyster and Lion’s Mane mushroom in your own home.

Workshop Outline

  •   Overview of the different spaces to grow mushroom.
  •   Step-by-step guide to setting up a simple home cultivation system at home.
  •   Basics of mushroom cultivation: substrates, spawn, and growing conditions.
  •   Tips for optimal growing conditions and troubleshooting common issues.
  •   Learn the different pasterisation techniques.
  •   Hands-on Cultivation Session – practical session to make your growing  bag,  prepare the substrate and inoculate it with grain spawn.


The workshop will take place at RoseyRavelston Books, in Lawson. 
Date : 20 July 2024
Adress : 1 Badgery Cres, Lawson NSW 2783 
Start 9:00 am – End 1:00 pm 
The participants will have the opportunity to visit the mushroom farm at the end of the workshop.