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Shaggy mane


Shaggy Mane



Common names

Shaggy Mane, Inky cap, Lawyer's wig.


Mild earthy and umami flavor. Young stems can taste like asparagus.


Soups and broth, pastas and risottos with a dramatic inky color.

Size, texture & Color

4-15 cm tall and 2.5-5 cm wide - bell-shaped.
Shaggy texture.
White to light tan in color, with age, cap and gills become inky and liquefy.

Health benefits

Fight against cancer, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, lower blood sugar levels, improve brain function, promote weight loss and protect against infection.

History and culture

If you touch a shaggy mane past its prime, or the gills, you’ll get a black ink-like liquid on your fingers. This mushroom ink was previously employed as an ink replacement, and they are occasionally referred to as inky cap mushrooms, however this typically refers to their appearance.

Shaggy manes emerge directly from the ground in late summer and fall. They can be found in lawns, wood chip piles, rocky soil, and any other spot of compacted and mistreated ground. They’re an excellent mushroom for urban foragers since they like compacted or deteriorated soils. They frequently emerge in compacted soils at the margins of driveways immediately after a storm.

Shaggy mane ink

Growing infos.

Not suitable for indoor growing.

Poor yield and decay rapidly. These mushrooms are better suited for outdoor cultivation.