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Soy hull pellets

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Soy hull pellets

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Our 100% Soy hull pellets, when mixed with sawdust (known as the Master Mix) offer the best nutritional content for generous yields, and big mushroom fruits. It also create huge clusters of oyster mushrooms clamouring all over one other to burst out of the bag.

Soy Hulls are a by-product of the extraction of oil from soybean seeds. After entering the oil mill, soybeans are screened to remove broken and damaged beans, the soybeans are then cracked, and their hulls are removed. These freshly removed hulls can then be used as nutritional supplementation in various ways.


To create the perfect substrate for gourmet mushroom you can add soy hull pellets. 


They are the same pellets we use in our mushroom farm.


Each pellet will break down easy with water and just normal mixing. This makes them ideal for use as an ingredient in mushroom substrate, feed supplementation, and many more uses.


Once your substrate is ready, you can inoculate it with the mushroom grain spawn of your choice.


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