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Hydrated Lime Powder 250 g (Calcium Hydroxide)

Hydrated Lime Powder (Calcium Hydroxide)

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Hydrated Lime Powder also knows as Calcium Hydroxide, is used in mushroom farming to pasteurise the substrate.

The key feature of this product is that it removes the autoclave/pressure cooker process when growing mushrooms. Furthermore, it will provide much-needed calcium to the mycelium, speeding up growth and strength.


Cold Water Lime Pasteurisation is a low-tech method of preparing substrates for mushroom cultivation.


The procedure is simple :

  • Simply soak your substrate in a bath of cold water that has been treated with hydrated lime for 12-24 hours.
  • The lime will quickly and substantially raise the pH of the water, killing out the mould spores, bacteria, and other pollutants in the straw.
  • After draining, inoculate the substrate with your mushroom spawn. For at least a short time, the mycelium will be able to develop in pristine substrate, free of competing species.


Important: Use proper protective equipment such as a mask, gloves and eye protection.



Using the amount of water specified is recommended, so you do not have to drain any excess water.


  • For every 1 KG of straw, you may need 4L of water.
  • For every litre of water, you would need 5g of Lime.
  • Grain Spawn: We recommend inoculating with at least 25% grain spawn (1 part Grain spawn: 4 parts substrate). As a result, it will shorten colonisation, reducing the chances for other contaminants to grow and thrive.


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